i*EARN - project

From Russia in Japan, with Love .

The brief specification statement of the project:

   The exhibition of children's figures departs to travel from Russia in Japan with snagings in countries, which one participate in the design, acquainting adult and children with a diversity of cultures and traditions of miscellaneous countries.

The specification statement of the project:

   We live on different continents, in different time zones and climatic conditions. In each country different culture, traditions and much other. But children of all world excite, please, disturb the same problems. This project will allow to compound an oilpainting of a world by eyes of children.
Up to the end of October, 2002 the figures from all wishing are accepted to share in the project. In November in Russia the maiden exposure of this exhibition is held. Further exhibition will set off to round-the-world travel on countries, which one participate in the project, on a designed track. In June the exhibition will come in Japan, where 10 International educational conferences i*EARN and 6 youth summit will be opened to a start.

Periods of conducting:

Possible activity under the project in the class:

Anticipated results:

Influencing of the design on other people:

The coordinators of the project:

   Olga Zaharova:
Nina Butovich:

   We wait figures and commenting to them learning of any age Also we shall be rads to cooperation to you. Operations, which one we shall receive after October, can not travel with the exhibition, but we promise to bring or to transmit them to Japan .
Our address:
192241, Russia, St.-Petersburg, Yushnoe shosse, 56-, school "Epigraph"
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